About Us

RepScheduler® is the brainchild of a medical rep who understood the difficulties of scheduling lab times, as well as the constraints of the “old-fashioned” method of using a paper calendaring system to book appointments or to communicate with hospital staff. RepScheduler® was formed to help alleviate this outdated and inefficient model of scheduling lab days through a series of phone calls and follow-up emails only to find the appointment was unscheduled or erroneously removed by hospital staff.

With the introduction of RepScheduler®, paper calendaring systems or post-it note reminders to add or remove medical representatives are not necessary; instead, RepScheduler® offers hospitals and medical reps a secure web-based service that manages the complexities and unforeseen circumstances of the scheduling process. Get started today – contact us and a RepScheduler® representative can help guide your hospital through the set-up process, or answer any additional questions you may have.

What We Do

RepScheduler® is a web-based service that aids in the scheduling and monitoring of Vendors in healthcare environments.

We provide an effective solution that allows hospitals to control scheduling options throughout their vendor community, and for vendors to maintain compliance with those policies.

Who We Are

RepScheduler® is a web-based service provided by RepScheduler®, LLC, based out of Nevada.