Benefits for Hospitals

RepScheduler® enables hospital administrators with the ability to customize individual lab settings to ensure how often, and when medical reps can enter their labs. These settings include the ability to designate whether breakfast and lunch are available, as well as communicate time or food restrictions for their delivery. Hospital administrators have complete control. From the ability to invite medical reps to cases, to banning reps in the event they break hospital protocol or policy. Administrators have access to each calendar 24/7, so they understand what and when representatives are coming to the hospital at all times.

This helps streamline the calendaring process, while providing an additional layer of security in the event JCAHO or another commission enters the hospital, since hospital administrators can tell who, when and where medical reps are in the hospital. In addition, the ability to communicate with representatives from a single outlet enables administrators to convey a hospitals needs or desires with the click of a button. Don't know how to contact a rep? Click on the Reps' page and discover their email or phone number, centralizing the communication process from hospital to rep. Don't want a specific rep to use the calendaring system? Ban the rep for a day or for life, depending on your discretions. RepScheduler® empowers the hospital to set their terms and enforce them.

And the best part? There is no charge for hospitals to use the service. Contact us today to see how RepScheduler® can make a difference in your organization.

Benefits include:

  • Improves Organization and Communication: +
    RepScheduler® allows you to invite a vendor to a specific procedure, cancel an existing appointment or even ban a vendor from the lab. You have total control over what happens in your lab.
  • Veil of Security: +
    The hospital has full view of what Vendors are scheduled to be in their hospital each and every day. The administrators can also control which vendors are allowed to come into each specific lab.
  • Staff Time Savings: +
    RepScheduler® frees up the staff from multiple phone calls and emails from vendors trying to work out their specific appointments.
  • No Software Needed: +
    RepScheduler® is web-based, so there is no need for software installation. All you need is a computer with internet access to
  • Customizable Reports for Internal Use or JCAHO Visits: +
    Print a day view of the RepScheduler® calendar showing all vendors with appointments on any specific day or range of days.
  • Make Your Facility Progressive with Rep Control: +
    Having a calendar with every vendor scheduled in your hospital each day supports a progressive environment for your facility.
  • Compatible with Current Systems: +
    No extra software needed. Any computer with internet access can login at
  • Efficient with Once & Done Administration: +
    Administration sets up the calendar settings during initial set up; the rest of the scheduling is done by vendors who follow the guidelines set by the hospital.
  • Computerized (EMR): +
    RepScheduler® falls right in place with the EMR. Medical records are becoming computer based, so should vendor scheduling.
  • NO CHARGE: +
    The Vendor pays to register for the use of RepScheduler®. There is no cost to the hospital.