Benefits for Reps

RepScheduler® provides 24 hour/day access to a stable of tools to help facilitate the ease of scheduling lab days or communicating with hospital staff. Hospitals establish unique lab settings which describe hours of operation, breakfast lunch options/limits, and designate specific times with which calendar days are released. Reps have the ability to securely login to specific hospital labs and reserve slots based on the hospitals' agenda. Additionally, reps can see when other reps with competing products have scheduled an appointment to ensure similar medical devices or diagnostics equipment are not showcased on the same day. Lastly, RepScheduler® saves the time and hassle of trying to book appointments by exchanging phone calls or multiple emails with hospital administrators in an attempt to lock down a date to display a company's products – the process is simplified and centralized through the RepScheduler® web-based calendaring service.

Benefits include:

  • Fast and Easy: +
    You can create an account and start using the calendar of your registered hospitals within minutes.
  • Time Saving: +
    Simplify your lab scheduling at multiple hospitals, without having to leave your home, send an email or make a phone call.
  • 24 Hour Scheduling on any Desktop Computer or Mobile Device: +
    Schedule yourself from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device at your own convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Organized, Controlled Schedule: +
    100% control of your own schedule throughout hospital accounts. Schedule & cancel appointments at your convenience. The system also details what other reps are currently scheduled to help control any conflicts of interest.
  • Provides Each Labs' Guidelines, Facilitating Good Lab Relations: +
    Informs you of the specific guidelines for the lab prior to your visit, including hours of operation, lab restrictions, and lunch or breakfast options, if desired.
  • Eliminates "Paper" Schedules: +
    You have the convenience and ease of scheduling from your computer. No more erasers or whiteout.
  • Eliminates Email/Phone Hassle: +
    No more back and forth emails or phone calls to schedule an appointment. You will be able to see each hospital's open appointments & schedule them within seconds.
  • Improved Access: +
    There are typically more than enough available time slots to accommodate regular recurring visits for all vendors calling on a RepScheduler® client. Scheduling into protected time slots significantly improves the likelihood of interaction with physicians and staff.
  • Increased Receptivity: +
    You are expected before you arrive. The RepScheduler® calendar, viewed by the staff & physicians, pre-announce your visits and highlight your company.
  • Better Customer Service: +
    Your self-scheduled visits are timely and fitting for your customers, and your contact information is readily accessible whenever additional contact is needed.
  • Professional & Private: +
    RepScheduler® strictly maintains and safeguards the privacy of all user information (See privacy policy).